Powell Peralta Byron Essert Carbon Frog Downhill Deck

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Powell Peralta Byron Essert Carbon Frog Downhill Deck


The Byron Essert model has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate all-around downhill and freeride board. Built from Powell-Peraltas proprietary construction, this deck is abnormally light for its size but rigid enough to ride up to 70mph. The deck features a 1/4 inch drop that is located between the truck holes to hold you in place while sliding, drifting, or freeriding. Byron wants a board that can take him from the highest mountain into the deepest pool, with smooth radial concave throughout that makes this board comfortable and appropriate for all venues of riding.


Ultra light weight for quicker starts and faster response
Extremely stiff in both flex and twist for stability and quick race response
Front and Rear Cast, integrated Polyurethane bumpers
Drop center for lower center of gravity
Front and rear wheel wells for greater wheel clearance
Single Kicktail

Tri-axial fiberglass and carbon fiber skins
High strength epoxy glue
Super light, multi-species wooden core
Hard, cast polyurethane bumpers
Much love and sweat

Length 39.72"
Width 9.9"
Thickness .482"
Drop Center: 0.25"
Deck shape: #229
Concave Mold DK-1
Wheelbase 26.75" to 28"
Nose 1.72"
Tail 5.55"
Avg. Weight: 3.95 lbs.

Original artwork created for Byron Essert by Jonathan Gonzalez